The importance of English

With the rise of the internet, English has evolved into the predominant global language. As a result, organizations are under increasing pressure to offer their content in English in order to reach an international audience.

Speer Publications can help you deliver your English content to this global audience in a variety of formats, including professional magazines; academic books; policy, evaluation and research reports; case studies; conference presentations and proceedings; annual reports, brochures and newsletters; and texts targeting your website audience.

Our expertise

You can rely on Speer Publications to deliver professional and highly effective texts in a wide range of fields:

science, technology and innovation
climate change, energy and sustainable development
international policy making
globalization and development
agriculture and food security
business, marketing and communication
social sciences
architecture, arts and culture
literature and literary theory

Origins of the company

Speer Publications was created in December 2013 by merging the activities of Speer Translations and Contactivity following a management buyout. Mark Speer began working for Contactivity in early 2010, and in Speer Publications he is combining more than fifteen years’ experience as an editor and translator with the editorial production skills he acquired at Contactivity.

Speer Publications continues to work with the same experienced professional editors and translators, graphic designers and DTP specialists, and reliable printing companies that worked with Contactivity for years.